Al-Kazemi Group Proudly Hosts a Farewell Gathering Honoring 42 Years of Service

Mr. Jamil has been a significant asset to Al-Kazemi Group since the life of the late founder Mr. Abdullatif Abdul-Hussain Al-Kazemi (God bless his soul). Mr. Jamil is a known veteran in the Shipping Industry. He has played an active role in the formation of Shipping Agents association of Kuwait. He was a BIMCOM member and Founding Executive Committee member of World Wide Project Consortium.

Mr. Jamil promoted the company well in Kuwait as well as internationally. He was instrumental to secure the agency of various shipping lines. Also he initiated to diversify activities of Shipping Division from pure liner agency business to Commercial Freight Forwarding and Project Logistics.

Proving his capability, Mr. Jamil paved his way to higher positions in the division. He became the Shipping Manager, General Manager and finally the Honorary Vice President of Al Kazemi Group of Companies.

Al-Kazemi Group renders its warmest wishes of health, wellness, and prosperity and honors 42 years of his invaluable contributions.

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